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I'm a self-taught crocheter/knitter that's always hunger to learn more. A mammoth thank you to all fellow crocheter/knitter that took their time to post videos and written tutorial. It wouldn't have been possible without your contribution! THANK YOU!


Wow! Another year slipped time flies when you're knitting :) It's obvious, I've been slacking on my blog update. Last post was 4/27/11! I'm officially an occasional blogger only. What I slack off in blog, I more than made-up in knitting and crocheting. Most of my projects are somewhat recent on Ravelry.

Major milestone for 2011:

Shelliyanni went live on 8/6/11. My first knitting pattern for sale.

All patterns here are for personal and charitable use only. Please do not sell the patterns or the finished project. Thank you for honoring this request.

Stay-on Scarf and a Beanie Sling

This stay-on scarf is inspired by another fellow knitter, Jemajo. She created her Selbu Scarf using machine knitting. I am not familiar with machine knitting nor should I get anywhere near one because knowing myself, I would probably get addicted!

In my 2 years of knitting, I have only made one, yes, one scarf! Even then, I couldn't just start with a simple scarf. I had to go cables! Which, I think left an emotional scar which have yet to heal. This is probably why I am still not a big fan of cable knits! :p So this time around, I stick to the basic. I could crochet the scarf, it's definitely faster, but the drape of a crocheted scarf is no comparison to a knitted scarf.

I'm still working on the 3rd scarf for my eldest. When I'm done, and if I wanted a break from knitcheting, I might actually go back and write down all the animal motifs pattern that I crocheted.

Added B1's scarf photo.

The dog motif is similar to his Summer Booties. I made it bigger here.

He's panting like a dog. ;)

Needle: 8 (5.0 mm)
Yarn used:
Lion Brand Lion Suede
  • I started my son's scarf with garter border on the bottom, and on both sides, stockinette stitch in the middle. Never, ever knit a scarf using stockinette stitch, unless you want a tube! The finer the yarn, the more your scarf will curl into a tube-like thingy if knitted in stockinette stitch. Even by putting a garter border, depending on the yarn, some will still curl your scarf as your knitted scarf gets longer. I find the garter border works best with bulky yarn, especially boucle or polyester yarn.
  • Then crochet a doggy face and attach to the scarf. 
  • Fold the scarf in half, the motif should be attach midway on one side of the folded scarf.

When I try the kitty scarf on my 2nd, she immediately said,
“OOOO I can put stuff in the kitty!”
I told her, “No sweetie, it goes through, it’s not a pocket.”
“No, no, I CAN put stuff in there!”, she exclaimed with much excitement.
No sense arguing with her, so I just said, “Yea, yea, now please hold still so I can see if I need to make any adjustment to the placement of the kitty.”

A day later, we went grocery shopping, and she wanted to bring one of her beanie cats. Low and behold, that’s how she carried it. With a "I told you so" smirk on her face, she said, “SEE! Mommy! I TOLD you I can put stuff in the kitty!” ;)

Needle: 8 (5.0 mm)
Yarn used:
Bernat Pound of Love in pink

Mommy Cat slinging her baby. :)
  •   I knitted this scarf in garter stitch all the way.

Needle: 4.0mm & 4.5 mm
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Dark Brown for the scarf
Applique: Bernat Boucle in Soft Orange

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