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I'm a self-taught crocheter/knitter that's always hunger to learn more. A mammoth thank you to all fellow crocheter/knitter that took their time to post videos and written tutorial. It wouldn't have been possible without your contribution! THANK YOU!


Wow! Another year slipped time flies when you're knitting :) It's obvious, I've been slacking on my blog update. Last post was 4/27/11! I'm officially an occasional blogger only. What I slack off in blog, I more than made-up in knitting and crocheting. Most of my projects are somewhat recent on Ravelry.

Major milestone for 2011:

Shelliyanni went live on 8/6/11. My first knitting pattern for sale.

All patterns here are for personal and charitable use only. Please do not sell the patterns or the finished project. Thank you for honoring this request.

It Started with Lots of Screaming

I started crocheting in summer of 2006 and picked up knitting in Jan 2009. I've attempted to learn knitting in 1996 when the knitting fever took over my work place, but sadly, I didn't have the patience to continue.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane...
Then came my 2nd daughter with severe separation issue... I can't even walk to the kitchen without her screaming and crying the house down! As long as I'm sitting in the same room with her, even just sitting there and stare into space while she plays, she'll be fine. I feel like I'm a constant prisoner to my couch! So I decided to finally make use of the Learn to Crochet booklet that I bought in 1996! At least I would accomplish something while keeping my daughter from crying and screaming!

Presently, my 20 months son have the same issue when he goes to sleep. He WILL wake up whenever I walk out the room. It's like he has a built-in mommy and daddy detector! So to ensure he gets enough nap time, I sit in the rocking chair and work on my crafts. This time around, I decided to give knitting another try. Before I know it, I'm hooked on knitting as well. Although it is not as speedy as crocheting, I find myself falling in love with all those little knits and purls.

I have to thank my children for if it's not for them and their separation issue ;), I wouldn't have been exposed to the wonderful world of crochet and knitting!
Present: 2010
What initially started as a "something to do" instead of dying of boredom has taken off in leaps and bounds! I'm obsess with crocheting, and now, adding knitting to my obsession. The word "sleep" and "eat" is starting to elude my vocabulary. I have to either crochet or knit something on a daily basis!

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